We’re moving premises from 3 April 2018

Due to our growth and exciting future plans we’ve secured bigger premises, right next door. We’ll be operating from 4 Langstone Lane, Papanui, Christchurch as of the 3rd April 2018. All of our other contact details will remain the same. We look forward… Read more »

CAT C13 running a S500 Borg Warner turbo setup

This beauty is destined to race at Speed Week 2018! It’s straight line speed on “the big white dyno”, as fast as you go in the remote Australian outback. There is no setting like it anywhere in the world, it is a truly unique event in a spectacular loc… Read more »

Gift Vouchers Now Available

If you’re looking for a gift that is different for the ‘engine-performance mad’ junky in your life this voucher is the perfect answer. Our Turbo Care gift vouchers can be redeemed against any of our performance turbos, reconditioned models, servicing,… Read more »

Turbo Care Sponsor Rob Waters C13 Super-Truck

Turbo Care NZ are proud to support the Rob Waters C13 Super-Truck offering Rob specialised turbocharger development, expertise, advice and support. Stay tuned for on-going developments about this yellow beast throughout the year.

TurboCare becomes NZ distributor for Ecotrons AFR Meters

TurboCare is now the Ecotrons distributor here in New Zealand.  Ecotrons make a range of high quality Air Fuel Ratio Meters (AFR) using all the latest equipment.  For more information see below    … Read more »

Detroit Series 60 14L

Reconditioned Garrett GT4702 as fitted to the Series 60 14L 410Kw engine. Turbo comes with 12 month warranty.

S300 V band fitting kits

We now have in stock 3″ V band fitting kits for the Borg Warner S300 turbos with the half marmon discharge.  These flanges are made from stainless steel so won’t rust like the factory mild steel ones you buy.

New G3 Flowbench

Turbocare has invested in the latest G3 flowbench which allows us to setup and calibrate all passenger car VGT turbochargers.  This machine is designed to accurately measure the flow through the VGT mechanism and verify that it is set to the OEM factor… Read more »

Toyota Hilux 2.8 turbo adapter plates

Looking for more grunt out of your 2.8 Hilux?  We now have a turbo kit available with 2 options depending on your budget.  First option is a adapter plate which we have made to bolt to a standard 2Lt (2.4) exhaust manifold to allow you to run our water… Read more »

Nissan VQ30DET 400hp bolt in turbo upgrade

We now have a direct bolt in replacement turbo for the Nissan VQ30DET engine which is capable of producing 400+hp.  We have machined a larger Garrett STG 2 turbine wheel into the original turbine housing and mated it to a compressor wheel that is capab… Read more »

New S200 T3 divided turbine housing

Now in stock T3 Divided .82ar turbine housing to suit the S200 turbo with the 61mm turbine wheel (167729).  Housing comes complete with v band adapter and v band weld clamp.

Stainless steel v band housings now available for Garrett GT series turbos

We now have a range of stainless steel v band housings to suit Garrett GT28/30/35R series turbos.  Available in .63 .82 1.06ar.  While these housings not only look the part they are capable of withstanding much higher exhaust temperatures over a standa… Read more »

Nissan Navara D22 upgrade turbo

We now have exchange turbo’s in stock for the Nissan Navara D22 with ZD30 engine.  The factory HT12-19B/D is prone to compressor wheel failure so these exchange units now feature a much stronger billet compressor wheel.  Turbo comes with a 12 month war… Read more »

CAT C15 750hp Bolt in Replacement

Looking for more grunt from your CAT C15? We now have a 100% Borg Warner S400 bolt in turbo that’s capable of 750 usable hp.  This turbo has undergone hours of testing on a Superflow engine dyno measuring everything possible.  It features a Billet comp… Read more »

Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo Upgrade

We now have drop in replacement CHRA assemblies for the XR6 Falcon.  These CHRA assemblies use a completely different ball bearing design which does away with the factory polymer cage design.  They are capable of withstanding higher thrust loads, more… Read more »

Nissan Skyline GTR 650+hp twin turbo system

These Mitsubishi TD05H 16G turbos are a direct replacement for the stock Garrett turbos found on the R32/33/34 GTR Skyline.  With the supporting modifications they will flow enough cfm to support 650+hp.  Unlike the standard Garrett units which use cer… Read more »

New 600+hp Borg Warner S300 turbo for 2.0-3.0L engines

We have been working on a turbo combination for the past 12 months that would allow quick spool with the ability to push the limits of the turbo.  Our S300 turbo is now finally ready.  This turbo combination uses the larger S300 journal bearings and la… Read more »

Nissan Skyline RB25 drop in replacement turbo

Now available our bolt on turbo upgrade for the Nissan Skyline RB25.  We have machined a Garrett CHRA into the standard housings which keeps this a 100% bolt on upgrade.    Turbo features a Garrett TA34 turbine wheel which has been matched to a Mitsubi… Read more »

Mark Higgins Evo 3 hill climb car

Evo 3 hillclimb car putting out over 500whp

Turbocharged KP Starlet

Tony Martin”s Toyota KP Starlet running a small port 4AGE putting out over 300hp on 13psi.

New silicone nitride ball bearing packs available

Now available our new silicone nitride ball  bearing cages for Garrett GT28/35 series turbos.  These cages have been re-designed and feature bigger oil galleries and brass inserts which allow you to push the limits of you turbo without failing  The bra… Read more »

Subaru WRX twin scroll dyno results

The dyno results below shows the stock VF37 turbo against our own spec Mitsubishi twin scroll TD06 turbo and a Garrett GT3071 ball bearing twin scroll bolt-on kit.  The dips in the graph are due to the variable cam timing on this engine.  Note: our tur… Read more »

Evo 9 Billet turbo

We now have a direct bolt in 500hp TD06 replacment turbo for your Evo 9.  This turbo features our Billet compressor wheel and enlarged 49mm wastegate valve for better flow.  We offer this with an adjustable Billet actuator and have a range of different… Read more »

New Billet Intake manifold for Toyota 4AGE small port

This original intake manifold was designed and built to bolt up to the small port 4AGE head.  These can be fabricated and will fit any RWD Toyota setup AE86, KP Starlet, KE70, KE35, KE25.  We have trialed the fitament to make sure they fit with no prob… Read more »

Rob Waters Supertruck

Rob was constantly having issues with turbo failures before he came to us. We managed to get hold of one of the failed turbo’s and pulled it apart which instantly gave us information as to why they were failing. After making a few changes and addressin… Read more »

New Borg Warner S300 360 degree thrust bearings

New upgraded Borg Warner S300 steel thrust bearings. These thrusts have been re-engineered with more oil galleries, allowing more oil to flow around the collars.  The upgraded material also withstands much higher load compared to the stock bronze beari… Read more »

Stu Lawton 13b drag car

TurboCare has been working alongside Stu over the past few years helping him to develop the turbo setup on this 13BPP powered drag car.  With a public best so far of 7.54@174mph we look forward to seeing these times dip even lower in the years to come.

Daves Suzuki GSXR1000 Turbocharged Superquad

Daves custom built superquad. Which once started life out as a yamaha Raptor is now been highly modified and fitted with a Suzuki GSXR1000 turbocharged setup. The bike was originally built for race to the sky but as this event no longer runs the quad h… Read more »

Malcoms C12 Racetruck

CAT C12 fitted with 2 Borg Warner Billet turbochargers running up to 55psi